Welcome from our President

“Welcome to the Fawcett Society. If you are not already a member I hope, like me, you will decide to add your support to the vital work we do to advance women’s equality.

With an unrivalled weight of history behind it, tracing its roots back to Millicent Fawcett’s successful parliamentary campaign to win women the vote, Fawcett today continues to deliver vital evidence, reasoned argument and critically a non partisan and independent voice on women’s rights.

“My involvement with Fawcett goes back many years and what has been consistent has been the charity’s ability to not only keep women on the policy agenda but affect real change. Change that is only been possible with the involvement of its diverse membership and allies from across the political spectrum, the media, the professions, business and many others. We have already achieved so much but now is the time to really step up the pace of change.

“Add your support – join us today.”



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