Fawcett’s work – In Westminster

At any given time, Fawcett is working to influence policy and legislation in Westminster on a number of fronts. This might include everything from lobbying on a Bill of specific interest to producing policy submissions to government consultations to giving evidence at a select committee.

Find out more about our Women and Power campaign: men outnumber women 4 to 1 in the House of Commons;  a child born today will be claiming her pension before we have equal numbers of men and women in parliament.

We also serve as co-secretariat for the All Party Parliamentary Group on Sex Equality.

Fawcett is currently lobbying on the Children and Families Bill. We are interested in aspects of the Bill that relate to shared parental leave, the right to request flexible working and family justice.  Find out more about our campaigning on women and work, and read our briefing for 2nd reading of the Bill here – on the right of this page.

Fawcett’s Chief Executive, Ceri Goddard has also been selected as a witness to give evidence before the public Children and Families Bill Committee.

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